For A Great Fight, Try the Rooster Fish


One of my favorite fish of all is the exotic rooster fish. Let me tell you something about this awesome fish. It has a dorsal fin that looks like the tail feathers of a rooster thus giving it the name rooster fish. This unique fish is a member of the jack family and fights as hard as they all do. However, the rooster doesn’t make good table fare. It’s just a great fighting game fish that should always be released.

This odd looking fish is found from the southern Baja to Ecuador where it almost always hugs the shoreline from a few feet to 500 yards offshore. They feed on bait fish, mainly mullet and sardines, but I think their favorite is the lady fish. The rooster prefers water temperatures of 80 F and higher, at least the monsters do. The average fish caught is about 10 to 35 lbs. Anything over 50 lbs is a real trophy. The world record right now is 114 lbs from Baja Mexico.


Fishing for these beauties you can surf cast, casting lures that resembles a bait fish into the waves or using live bait like a sardine casting out and letting it free swim. Another way is fly fishing from the beach. I have a good friend named Gary Graham who I think is the best at this there is.

When you feel the line going out wait 9 seconds. Then put on the drag and hang on. The fight has started.


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