Great White Surprise Spearfishing off Port Canaveral

This video was filmed During Zack Spurlock’s third dive of the day while shooting lionfish in 90 ft deep water roughly 25 miles SE of Port Canaveral. Zack first saw the shark when it was on the bottom and slowly swam south. Then he saw the huge great white pass heading north a minute later.

The shark swims by a third time and he decided to head up to get the GoPro for the shot.
He proceeded to make his way back to the jug on the surface and the shark makes a surprise appearance behind him.

“The water was clear so its amazing to how incredible these large creatures are at staying in your blind spot.”

The video quality isn’t great since he was holding all his equipment and not to mention  lionfish fins poking through and trying not to drop anything. Definitely worth a watch!

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