GrillGrates – A Grate New Way to Grill Fish


Let’s face it, grilling fish is not easy. Witness the wide assortment of baskets and other gadgets designed to grill fish. Fish does not have enough natural fat to keep it lubricated on the grill, causing fish to stick and break apart. Many simply avoid grilling fish altogether.

GrillGrates are an innovative type of surface that sits on top of any grill. GrillGrates improves the functionality and effectiveness of any grill and solve many grilling challenges. GrillGrates tame flare-ups, even out hot and cold spots and keep juices sizzling for added moisture and tenderness. GrillGrates season over time and develop natural nonstick properties.

The GrateTool makes it easier to lift and handle fish. The GrateTool is part fork, part spatula and fits between the rails below the food to easily lift, not scrape fish off the grill.

They are not just for grilling fish. Vegetables won’t fall through the grill, and chicken won’t be a bonfire. Four years in a row, the winners of the World Championship Steak Cookoff® grilled on GrillGrates. GrillGrates have been seen on the Food Network, BBQ Pittmasters and featured by Consumer Reports.

Grilling fish is no longer a challenge to be avoided or one that requires foil, gadgets or fish baskets. With GrillGrate, grilling fish is as easy as grilling steak or hamburgers. GrillGrate is offering Angler readers 10 percent off using the coupon code angler. Call (877) 380-2527 or visit

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