Guanacaste Costa Rica Diving Forecast July/August 2015

Diving in Costa Rica is a year round sport, especially here in Playas del Coco, but this month we move into a special period because it is bull shark time!  From May till November we take advanced divers to the famous “Murcielagos” or known as the Bat islands.  The trip leaves early morning 7 am and takes a bit over an hour, but then once you roll off the boat at the first dive site “Big Scare” you will be mesmerized by your surroundings.  We drop down to 30m / 100ft and wait for the bull sharks to come and check us out.  When the dive continues we might encounter the giant manta rays as well.  The second dive is Black Rock, one of my favorite of all times; big schools of jacks, snappers and other fish will be so thick they will be blocking your camera view. It is also a very common place for spotted eagle rays to hang out as well.  Temperatures this time of the year are around 28C/ 82F.  Rich Coast Diving is more than happy to take you on this magnificent dive.  You can also take the PADI Aware Shark specialty and we will show you what is happening with our shark population.  Sharks are in trouble, so let’s enjoy and protect them while we can!  We are working hard to help stop Shark Finning and this is one of the reasons Rich Coast Diving has the Green Star Award. We help out project Aware on their campaigns by donating $10 for every person we certify.  Recently we also became a member of the Nakawe project.  This is a new organization that is fighting hard to save Costa Rican sharks.


Brenda van Gestel
Rich Coast Diving Co.

Bullsharks are here!
Bullsharks are here!