Havalon Redesigns Surgical Cutlery for Outdoor Use

In their profession, surgeons require the most accurate and precise cutting tools. Professional taxidermists figured out long ago that a scalpel is the best tool for carefully cutting through all kinds of fish and animal hides. Now sportsmen can enjoy the same level of precision in knives designed to be taken into the field or out on the water.

Havalon has revolutionized the market for sportsmen’s knives with surgical-edge technology redesigned for use by hunters and anglers. And they know their business. Havalon’s parent company, Havel, provided surgical cutlery to doctors and hospitals long before they brought them to the outdoors market.

What Havalon dreamed up was a line of high quality folding and now fixed-blade knives that feature replaceable surgical-quality cutting edges. Whether gutting and skinning game or filleting fish, sportsmen can now enjoy the advantages of a scalpel edge in the field.

And the easily replaceable blades not only ensure the knife will be scalpel sharp and ready for use without any sharpening, it opens up the opportunity for one knife to serve many purposes by switching out the style of the blade. Need a fine-bladed fillet knife that doubles as a limb saw and game-skinner, Havalon has you covered with products like the Havalon Hydra Kit, which includes 17 blades in seven different styles to fill all your needs with one tool.

The latest innovation from Havalon, which every angler should have in the arsenal is the Havalon Talon. Set to hit the market this spring, the Talon is the first high-quality, surgically sharp, longest lasting replaceable fixed blade knife system.

The Talon provides a firm, safe grip on heavier, stronger, larger sized versions of the company’s already proven fillet blades, as well as a few new ones. It is the most versatile and sharpest “in-the-wild” quick-change cutlery set there is. A military-grade polymer handle has many functional features, from a Easy-Clean opening chamber to a super easy, strong and safe Quik-Change II Thumb Release Blade System.

Within a water resistant roll-up pack, the Talon Fishing Pack includes the Talon handle, a serrated blade, two 5-inch fillet blades and a 7-inch fillet blade. A separately sold 9-inch fillet blade is also available.

Professional captains, guides and outfitters have already discovered the benefits of using surgical-grade cutlery in the field and on the water, making Havalon a staple in the market for serious outdoorsmen. Which leaves the question: Why wouldn’t you want the most precise, accurate and versatile cutting tools in your pack or on the deck?

Check out all the innovative tools Havalon has to offer at www.havalon.com.

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