History of big game fishing in the USVI 

The US Virgin Islands are well-known for their beautiful beaches, clear waters, and diverse marine life. Big game fishing is one of the many popular things to do for both tourists and locals. However, few people are aware of the region’s rich history with this activity. Big game fishing, also known as sportfishing, is a type of recreational fishing in which anglers catch large species of fish for entertainment rather than food.

When adventurous individuals began to explore the region’s abundant waters in the early twentieth century, the sport became popular in the US Virgin Islands. Sportsfishing in the US Virgin Islands became even more popular in the 1950s and 1960s, thanks in part to celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway and Michael Lerner, who frequently visited and fished in the region.

Off the coast of St. Thomas, particularly in an area known as the “North Drop,” was one of their favorite fishing spots. The North Drop is a deep-sea trench that connects the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans, attracting a plethora of large pelagic fish species.

It is still one of the most sought-after fishing spots in the world. As big game fishing became more popular in the US Virgin Islands, so did the sportfishing tournament scene, attracting participants from all over the world.

Today, big game fishing in the US Virgin Islands is a popular pastime for both locals and visitors. A variety of charter companies offer fishing trips complete with knowledgeable captains and cutting-edge equipment.

Anglers who visit the region to fish appreciate not only the abundant marine life but also the pristine waters in which they swim.

Finally, big game fishing has a long and fascinating history in the United States Virgin Islands. From its humble beginnings in the early twentieth century to its current status as a world-renowned fishing destination.

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