Holland Fishing Report: July 2015



The lake temperatures in June were cold. The fishing has been steady, but with the winds coming out of every direction over the past month it has been tough to pattern any fish.

Most of the silver fish have been in the top 40 foot of the water columns, and most of the lake trout coming in near bottom. Most of the kings have been coming on the coppers anddiver rods. The riggers have been slow for kings and hot for trout.Best king baits for us lately have been Magic Man in the slims andSteelie Stomper not far behind for the high coppers. Middlerange coppers have been goodwith either mag size spoons or stingray size also producing well.Mixed veggies in the UV Stingray has been good, and Lemon Berryhas also been good. The diver rods are starting to pick up with spinny’s and fly’s working early and meat rigs mid-day. The best trout fishing has been with tin cans and spin and glows in that 60-90 foot of water right on the bottom. We are also starting to see some bigger trout showing up, and they are sometimes coming in that middle water column.

Perch fishing has been slow, but some fish are starting to show up. Walleye fishing has also been slow because of all the baitfish spawning in the lake.

As far as the month of July goes we should start to see the waters warm up, and the fishing should start to heat up as well. The fish should start stacking in the thermoclines, and we should start seeing more kings and steelhead show up as the bait returns to the cooler temperatures after the spawn. Look for more attractors and fly’s and meat rigs to do most of the heavy lifting. Perch should start to show up, and we should see them from that 80 foot and into the beach. Where the baitfish are the perch will not be too far behind. Get out and have some fun and put some fish in the freezer.