Holland Fishing Report: October 2016


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n October when we get the big weather change, the water should set up, and we should start to head towards the channel. Start pulling a lot of plugs, and for me, big paddles have been good inside too. My best sets have been big white paddle and oceans or white spinny pickle fly.

Pier anglers will have a good chance to put a hurting on the kings as well as the steelhead who are not too far behind. Moonshine, castmasters, cleo’s and huskys are all good choices for kings off the piers. Firetiger in the huskys and glows in the others.

For October, we will have to watch the weather and see what mother nature gives us. Piers will be the best, and then we will follow up on the Kalamazoo River for the kings and the fall steelhead. Get out there before the weather makes its change and the fish are gone.