Honestly, Why Should Women Fly Fish?

By Nadine Bourg

Let’s begin with the meaning of honest. Minus the “H”, one is left with “one” & “est” (the French verb to be). So, in the interest in being one with yourself, you should fly fish.

It’s safe to say that many women spend most of their time in the service of others. Take the opportunity to find a way back to the present moment and become one with yourself again.
Fly fishing occurs in beautiful places. One finds themselves immersed in nature. It reveals a multitude of wonders that can’t be found elsewhere.

Early morning forays reveal beams of sunlight cast through rhododendron forest through cold morning mist rising above the water. Summer rains lend themselves to low clouds in the mountain tops and musical waters. Warm afternoons are invitations to Blue Wing Olive hatches which entice a tree full of cedar wax wings to feast. These are invitations to find your way back to breathing deeply again. These are ways to find your way back to the present and the wonders it holds for you.

Learning a new skill and catching fish are empowering events. Fly fishing offers endless opportunities for learning and keeps our minds nimble. Learning keeps you young. Fly fishing is a great teacher. One can learn much about how you choose to be in the world.

Fly fishing is a great adventure. Be open to the magic.

Nadine Bourg, Fly Fishing Guide, Endless River Adventures