How to Identify a Good Tackle

By Bruce Andersen

Did you try taking Ryobi Reel that we introduced last month?  I will talk about fishing line and hooks this month.

Reel and rod are important for fishing but fishing lines and hooks are also important tools that are indispensable.  You can fish by using just a fishing line and hook, without reel or rod.  It is so called hand fishing.  Many fishermen are still fishing this way.  You should not hesitate to spend a little bit more on lines and hooks and we recommend that you use excellent fishing lines and hooks.

As you all know, there are three kinds of fishing lines: monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided.  The advantages and disadvantages overlap each other.  Elasticity, strong memory and weak against UV are some of the disadvantages.  Replacing every two months is also necessary.  However, the advantage is putting less damage on the reel.  The characteristics of fluorocarbon are their strength, great transparency and fast settlement.  But there is less flexibility and moreover, their prices are high.  Braided lines are excellent in durability and are popular lines but they have their share of disadvantages that are not well known.  First of all, you should be aware that braided lines are weaker than monofilament.  Because each line of four or eight lines is very thin, it is easily damaged and vulnerable to friction.  Consequently, when you are casting or reeling, it damages a hole on the rod.  Because there is not much expanding and contraction, strong pressure is applied to the reel and the shaft of the reel is easily bent.  Do you know that a fourth line, very different from the above three lines, is available now?  The line is called Nanodax Crystal Lines.  The material is nylon based and crystal processed by Nano technology.  They have less memory and excellent transparency and are very strong.  It is predominantly suitable for a main line.  They are also inexpensive.  The only drawback to this line is if you don’t tie it really tight, it might loosen easily.  This is a revolutionary line.  Hooks also have a very important role in fishing.  If you don’t use a good fishing hook, even a person with great fishing technique has a high probability of losing a fish.  Hooks that are made in Japan are best.  A pure Japan-made hook has very high quality.  If you use a hook with high quality you will be able to get satisfactory results.  I have not seen Maruto Eagle Waver yet in Florida yet but I strongly believe that Maruto Eagle Wave is the best hooks I have ever used.  Perhaps you may be able to find Eagle Wave this summer.

There are many inexpensive but excellent quality products available in the world.  Don’t get caught in the past and have the right knowledge and enjoy fishing.

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