How to Store Your Fishing Gear

Fishing is a popular pastime all across North America. Some standard fishing gear includes rods, reels, fishing lines, hooks, lures, floats, and nets. Many people who fish care for their tackle meticulously, but if you’re new to the sport, you will definitely want to follow some of the most common dos and don’ts.


  • Keep your fishing rods dry
  • Store your fishing rods and reels off the ground
  • Clean your rods and reels after every use
  • Lubricate parts before putting them into storage for an extended period of time


  • Allow your rods to get too hot or too cold
  • Don’t stow your rods in direct sunlight
  • Don’t allow saltwater to sit on your rods after use (salt is corrosive)
  • Don’t store your fishing rods with the old line still attached

Preparing Your Fishing Tackle for Storage

It’s crucial to clean your fishing gear after each use, whether you’ve been fishing in fresh or saltwater. Dirt and minerals from the water can sit on your poles and reels, staining them or reducing their functionality over time. You’ll also need to unspool your reels and loosen your drag. Don’t forget to lubricate the mechanical/moveables for storage during the cold season. Although you can use common oil for this task, you may want to opt for specially formulated fishing tackle lubricants.

How and Where to Store Your Fishing Gear

There are many ways to store your fishing gear, but you’ll want to ensure that you don’t stow your equipment in a place that’s subject to temperature extremes. For instance, a detached garage without temperature control may be subject to freezing temperatures and, at other times, high humidity. These extreme weather conditions can warp your poles or damage your other tackle. It’s best to store your fishing equipment in your home or a temperature-controlled garage if possible.

You can purchase ready-made fishing rod racks or even build your own using two wall shelves and storage bins for your reels, lures, sinkers, etc. Be sure that you keep your tackle away from falling objects or in areas where children play, as your items can break easily. You can also procure a strong tackle box to stow your fishing line, hooks, lures, etc.

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