Hunting Report: Oct. 2015


CAST & BLAST: From the North West Corner of Lake Okeechobee

I know it’s been a long hot summer but we’re seeing some ducks early this year. Teal have been available early and late in the day along with some nice bass. The problem has been the heat, nobody wants to be out on the lake too long. Early season hunters have been opting out for a cold beer rather than a full day of hunting and you can’t blame ‘em.

November’s early mini duck season usually takes us by surprise. Quality numbers of ducks are usually hard to find and you can scout until late that Friday night (Nov 20th) and really have no A, B or C spot that you feel great about. If the lake’s water level is still fluctuating, early ducks might still be on the move and you could set up 50 to 60 yards too deep or to shallow.

The key is to scout early and not just back and forth to your favorite honey holes. Now that water levels are rising, spend the time to search deeper into the areas unavailable during low water and perhaps you’ll find a new favorite spot.

Follow through and good luck to all. Be safe and respectful of those hunting around you.

I’ll see ya’ in the marsh.