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How to Store a Compound Bow and Recurve Bow

By Jill Oliveria [dropcap]A[/dropcap] compound bow is a modern hunting weapon that relies upon technology as well as traditional elements …

The Making of an Outdoorswoman

When I asked how I got started hunting, I will tell you a story about a farm raised tom girl who always tried to beat the boys at everything. This goes back as far back as kindergarten.

Florida’s Fabulous Waterfowling

On-your-own waterfowling is easy and convenient to do in the Sunshine State.

Hunting- Oh, Rio!

My dad and I were outside before day break the next morning, and we could hear the turkeys talking to each other in the trees across a large, green wheat field. We slid in between two rows of round hay bales and used our Alpen optics to keep an eye out for the birds.

Cleaning Your Gun

To make sure a firearm is performing to its specifications, the owner must make sure the gun is clean. Most problems that you might encounter with pistols, shotguns, and rifles are due to dirty bores and actions.

Wet Summer Should Lead To A Good Duck Season In Georgia

The heart of duck season is upon us, and according to Georgia DNR’s Waterfowl Biologist Greg Balkcom, the wet summer may lead to a good duck season.