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Archery Hunting Tips

Fall is here, and with it comes squirrel, rabbit and deer (archery) seasons. Hunters need to know that mosquitoes will probably be everywhere, so repellants and thermocells are going to be a handy item to keep in the backpack. It is very important to know that if you're using repellants that contain DEET, please keep that product away from gun surfaces, as it will discolor or remove certain coatings, making for a messy cleanup or repair.

Is Your Home The Best?

As a hunter, it is easy for me to get stuck in patterns. Sometimes they are patterns that work and sometimes they are not. I tend to ignore the patterns that work because, well because they work. The only problem with that is I want to be the best hunter I can be.

When I Say “Duck”

If you are a duck hunter in Florida, you know that in the month of September we get to wet our appetites with September’s teal and wood duck season. I have recently done some scouting and have seen a good number of blue wing teals in my area.

Backpacking Basics for Hunters, Hikers, and Fishermen

By Richard Griggs Backpacking equipment has come a long way. Technology and product development have allowed improvements in pack design, …

This Deer Season, Try “Talkin’ Em In”

It’s been many years since grunt tubes hit the market. Back then I was convinced that these so called "deer calls" were nothing more than a gimmick. Boy was I wrong.

Beat The Whitetail Lull With MRI And Trail Cameras

I certainly can’t lay claim to the fairly new acronym of MRI. That credit goes to Dr. Grant Woods of GrowingDeer.TV. But I am certainly familiar with the concept of using the most recent information (MRI) in hunting deer— and you should get to know it as well.

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11-Year-Old Maryland Girl is a Master Angler

Lucy Perez, 11, of Cecil County, Maryland, recently became the first youth angler to achieve the state’s Master Angler Milestone, an impressive feat that requires catching 10 trophy-sized fish of different species from Maryland waters.

2024 Dolphin Derby Tournament

Stretching 500 miles across the northern side of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest in the Atlantic Ocean.

Trout Fishing North Carolina’s Oconaluftee River

North Carolina’s Oconaluftee River has a multiple personality disorder. Its headwaters fall from an elevation of more than 5,000 feet via a little creek...

How To Catch And Cook Walleyes This June

Snap Jig Your Way to Fresh Fish in the Pan