Ice Fishing Has Arrived

Ice Fishing Has Arrived

By Braeden



The time has arrived to put away the rods and take out the tilts. Ice fishing has finally arrived, some are happy and some are not, but it is time to face the facts and enjoy something that you thought you would never enjoy.

Ice fishing is something special, and I always love the joy of pulling a huge Bass out of a 6-12 inch hole that you either drilled or chiseled into the ice.

There are different kinds of ponds that you can fish depending on what you want to catch. If you want to catch lots of fish in a short amount of time I would suggest going to a pond that holds lots of Bass and is almost like a kettle pond. Another type of pond is a pond that will hold Trout and other fish like Bass but the only thing is that the fishing is very slow compared to a bass pond. My favorite type of pond to fish is a bass pond compared to a pond with trout fishing because of the constant action. When it comes to ice fishing it is always a plus when you have great action because it takes your mind off the cold and onto the hole that you pull your fish out of with just the line and your hands.

Ice fishing is one of my favorite times of the year because of the fun of sitting on the ice and waiting for one of your flags to shoot up into the air and your spool to be spinning freely until you creep up to it and set the hook. I like to take any opportunity I have to get out there and catch a Bass or a Crappie.

Good luck out there if you get the chance to be pull out a big Pickerel or a Trout or even a Crappie. Take every chance you get because you won’t have many.