Inhibitor VCI Pro Chips for Corrosion Protection

Protecting your fishing gear from rust and corrosion has never been easier, or more effective. The Inhibitor VCI offers unrivaled corrosion and rust prevention to protect lures, hooks, reels and more.

Fishing tackle is a magnet for rust and corrosion. Many people do not fully appreciate the money and time avid anglers put into building their collection of lures. Rust will damage hooks, split rings and the body of the lure.

With VCI Pro Chips you can make sure you never lose any of your fishing equipment to rust. Saltwater speeds up rust and corrosion; protect your fishing tackle from saltwater. Inhibitor VCI Pro Chips are a safe, easy and economical way to ensure your fishing tackle, tool boxes, small part bins and any other small metal items stay rust free. Each chip is treated on both sides with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors that release a non-toxic vapor to blend with moisture and oxygen and stop rust and corrosion. The special vapors penetrate into the smallest cracks or crevices, providing total protection in marine environments. There is no scent residue. Fish will never know you are rust free!

With Inhibitor rust prevention products, even saltwater cannot cause your fishing tackle to rust or corrode. They are great for parts bins and tool boxes at home, too. It works on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals: brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.
Visit to get your 20-pack of VCI Pro Chips for only $5.99.

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