Jackson Lake

by Brian Lee

        Water temperature: 66-70 degrees, lake level: 2-3 feet below full pool, clarity: stained.

Bass fishing is still hot on Jackson. You can crank rocks and points all day and fill the boat. Early morning can be slow with the temps being low, but as the day warms, the fishing does as well. Depending on the water clarity will determine the color crankbait you’ll need to throw.
Spinnerbaits are catching a few fish in the warmest part of the day. Jigs are productive around wood and docks. Again, water clarity determines the color as well. The weather can slow the bite as it cools off, but any warm days will make the bite even better.
So tie on some crankbaits and a jig and give Jackson a try in the wintertime. You just may be surprised as to how well the fish bite.