Jaco/Herradura/Los Suenos Fishing Forecast July/August 2015

Jaco/Herradura/Los Suenos Fishing Forecast July/August 2015

July and August are in the middle of our “green season’ which runs May through October. The green season is much like south Florida, sunny mornings, cloudy later in the day, with possible rain showers or thunderstorms. It rarely rains all day, and you have plenty of time to get out and enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer. In the green season, Herradura fishing offers a lot of variety. Marlin, tuna, dorado and sailfish patrol offshore with roosterfish, Cubera snapper, Sierra mackerel, Jack Crevalle, grouper and snapper highlighting the inshore fishery.

Our main approach offshore right now will be to head about 20 to 25 miles offshore. Once in the area we begin trolling with our spread of hookless teasers and ballyhoos, always on the lookout for floating debris (wood, logs, rope, commercial FAD platforms), or pods of spinner dolphins with lots of birds working along the leading edge. Porpoises with hovering and diving birds are where you will find yellowfin tuna. Live bait works best, but they are also regularly caught on cedar plugs, islander/ ballyhoo combos and rubber flying fish.

It is not uncommon to have 5 to 10 marlin bites around a single piece of flotsam. Even if you don’t find floating debris, it is still common to have multiple marlin bites if you spend the day trolling. Blue and striped marlin are the most common, with an occasional black.

Marlin Epic

Mahi will start showing up in mass by late August. Most are in the 15-40 pound range with larger ones always possible.

Inshore expect the bottom fishing for grouper and silky snappers in the 200-500’ range to be good. Yellowfin tuna up to 20 pounds will be commonly caught around the inshore reefs, along with small wahoos up to 25 pounds. Roosterfish will be common in shallower waters near rocky structure and off the beach. The occasional Cubera snapper, Sierra mackerel and plenty of Jack Crevalle will also be found there.


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