Jake’s Outdoor Adventures – Jan. 2018

by Jake Worthington

Today is the first month of the New Year. Hopefully the weather has been good, and you are getting out and hopefully fishing. If you are, I tip my hat to you because I am back in Raleigh starting my Spring Semester at NC State–wishing I was fishing. With the new year comes a chance to make new goals for the upcoming fishing season. Unfortunately, we cannot fish every week because of our vocations and weather. During the opening weeks of this year, take some time and do some tasks now that will help you when the fishing season is in full swing. One of the first things I do is to have all my reels and rods serviced or repaired during this time. I also respool the reels that I have fished with frequently. This is also a good time to take inventory of your equipment and put them on a spread sheet with serial numbers. With this spread sheet, you can also note when you had repairs or service completed on your reels. The inventory would also be very valuable if the unthinkable happens and you face a theft or loss of your equipment when dealing with the insurance company. Also speaking of insurance– now is also a time to make sure you review your insurance policy on your boat, trailer, and equipment to make sure you’re covered.

Now is also the time to have your boat and trailer serviced since you will not be using them during the early winter. A lot of people procrastinate and wait until the spring to do this. The problem is that everybody takes their boat to the dealer in the spring and you may find yourself in line waiting to get your equipment serviced rather than fishing. Another good activity to do during this time is going to a boat or sport show.  One of the events I will be working is the Bass and Saltwater Expo at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC, on January 12-14. This a great event because it has boats, freshwater and saltwater items of interest all in one place. I will be working at Evinrude Outboards Booth or the Bowed Up Lures Booth so come out and look around. Another event is the Richmond Fishing Expo at the State Fair Grounds of Virginia in Doswell, Virginia, on January 19-21. These shows are great places to see what is new, meet fellow fisherman, learn some new tactics, and research future purchases.

Also, it is a good time to read up on new rules and regulations that have been passed or in the public comment phase. Unfortunately, regulations are being placed on fishing and we, as fishermen, must make sure the rule-making procedures are being followed by the agencies. Anybody that followed the Cobia fiasco we have had to endure the last few years proves that we must remain vigilant! If you can attend a regulatory meeting, please do and if you cannot make sure you make your comments via email or letter. Here is to a successful 2018 season!