January Potomac River Forecast

As most of us know there won’t be a ton of fishing to be done in the month of January on the Potomac. However, if you manage to find a decent day to head out fish will likely be pulled out into deeper water in most areas with plenty of fish still congregated around warm water discharges. Fish will likely be chasing baitfish when they decide to feed during these colder months. Bass will most likely be schooling and many anglers will target bass using Alabama rigs, underspins and jerkbaits. Using these baits as search tools will be the most effective way to cover water until an active school is located. Catfish should still be biting near most of the bridges as well as in deeper holes like off points. Crappie fishing is still doable if you can find a good school near a bridge or offshore brush pile. Fishing will only get better as the month goes on and we would like to remind everyone to be extra careful on the river until the temperatures rise. Don’t forget to always wear your lifejacket and kill switch!