JBO – Summertime Cocktails









June marks the official start of summer and here is a couple of our favorite dockside refreshments.

Rum and Tonic: Well, this may be a simple one, but it is about the only thing I drink. Rum, tonic, a slice of lime and you are good to go. My personal preference is to use diet tonic because zero calories and it has more fizz. Many times I have taken a bottle of diet tonic into restaurants as a mixer because for some unknown reason, restaurants don’t usually carry diet tonic. Also for this and similar drinks ALWAYS use a turvis tumbler filled with a lot of ice.

Barbados meets Cancun: For this one, you will need a blender with

a lot of ice and good horsepower.

• Three shots of Mount Gay Rum

• Two shots of Two Fingers Tequila

• One shot Grand Marnier

• Three teaspoons lime juice concentrate

• One teaspoon sugar

• Juice of Three limes

Mix all ingredients into a blender, blend until well mixed then serve in a double insulated glass over crushed ice. Very good.

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