Jig & Fly of the Month — January 2018

Gold and Silver Prism Spoon Fly

This fly catches redfish year-round, but it really shines in the colder months. It catches just about all species including trout, pompano, snook, well just about everything that swims. This fly was designed to be fished with multiple styles of retrieve; unlike most spoon flies this one actually swims when retrieved. Come check them out in person at the shop.

Pompano Latex Tube Jig

January is here again and we have the perfect Jig for the colder water temps this month. I’ll admit, this jig is featured this month every year, but works all year for pompano, trout, well heck, just about everything eats this crazy little jig. The most popular size is 3/8 and color is Pink. Work it just off the bottom and tip with a small piece of Shrimp or squid for best results.

Happy New Year!Roan z.