July Freshwater Forecast

With July comes the first of the summer patterns for freshwater fishing. Fish will primarily be seeking shade and cooler water during the day – so look for them in deeper water or finding refuge under pads or floating grass. But don’t discount some of the shallow water locations offering cover such as boat docks or piers, shoreline brush, or laydown trees along the bank. Largemouth in particular will move into shallower water during the evening hours and feed overnight retreating into cooler waters during the day. Make sure you are hitting the water early in the morning or during those dusk hours. This is also when the topwater bite turns on with magnificent FIREWORK explosions on frogs, buzzbaits or popping baits. For many, this is the reason to fish for largemouth! When the sun gets high, switch your tactics to soft plastics in the grass or around deeper structure. If tidal rivers are your thing, a falling morning tide is your best bet. Where available this is also when you will most likely find snakeheads in the mix as they are forced to move out of the shallow grass.