Central Pacific Surf Forecast July/August 2015

Instructor Jefferson from Del Mar Surf Camp grabs a fun left in Jaco
Instructor Jefferson from Del Mar Surf Camp grabs a fun left in Jaco

What is July and August in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica? Well, it’s a little bit of both the winter and summer here, which means the surf is always changing. The best part of this region is simply choice. When you watch forecasts such as Magic Seaweed or Surfline, you’ll see that the swells seem to come and go on a nearly weekly basis, and that’s great for all levels of surfers.

For beginners, the southern point of Jaco beach is best. There you’ll find the waves are smaller and more manageable. A little ways up the beach, paddle out in front of Calle Morales to find a stronger wave with a nice shape. During swell periods, Jaco can be subject to a lot of close outs, so check it regularly, 1 to 2 hours before or after high tide.

For the intermediate surfer, Hermosa Beach may seem a bit daunting. Perhaps head south to Esterillos where there are two amazing breaks, Esterillos Centro and Oeste. Oeste will give you a longer paddle out, but the waves are fat and slower, even during swell. Centro is magnificent and rarely disappoints, but can grow even bigger than Hermosa at times. It is a significantly stronger wave than Oeste, but it’s a long beach and you can always ride inside lines.

Hermosa is world famous and a favorite amongst advanced surfers. It is full of beach break barrels and it turns out epic waves during swell period. Be careful though, Hermosa can get pretty strong, and can be subject to rips and currents. If you don’t know what you’re doing, stay clear for the next two months.

If you’re up for a little drive, Quepos is phenomenal. It’s a long beautiful left that goes on and on. It is best surfed during mid to low tide.

So, if the Central Pacific gets a summer period where across the region you see forecasts anywhere from 2 to 4 feet, you can visit all these breaks and that is the beauty of choice. For us at Del Mar Surf Camp, early morning and sunset sessions are simply the best.

Tina Wallace
Del Mar Surf Camp