Junior Angler with Team Tuppens

Christopher Sprague

Hello anglers, I hope you all have been catching it up out there! Now that December is making its way around the corner, temperature changes are beginning to happen and are starting to stir up the fish. Sadly, I haven’t been out on the boat too much due to a broken foot and some surgical procedures on it, but that couldn’t stop me from doing some bass fishing. I picked up 18 shiners and made my way to the biggest lake in the neighborhood only to be disappointed and find “no-fishing” signs everywhere. I was not too happy about that because this has always been my favorite lake with some BIG bass in it. I didn’t want to make any homeowners mad, so I moved to the next lake that was slightly smaller but looked promising. The first shiner I threw in got eaten right away. It’s been a long time since I last fought a bass, but I do have to say that it was a blast fighting it and getting it in. It was around 2 pounds which is not bad at all. I didn’t have the best of luck later and the only bass I could get was not much bigger than the shiner itself! I had an amazing time anyway. I gave the rest of the shiners to our neighbor’s yard helpers from Guatemala and taught them how to hook it and cast it. They had the time of their lives; one of them caught his first fish and was so excited. They caught a few bass and a big bowfin. I was super happy to see them having a good first experience with fishing.

By Christopher Sprague – Team Tuppens