Juno Beach Pier: April 2020

By Lauren Eissey, Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Contributing Writer

April will welcome temperatures with the highs of 82 degrees and the lows of 68 degrees here in South Florida. So, make use of the Juno Beach Pier before the rainy season ensues.

Cast your line with care and attract Spanish mackerel with artificial lures and jigs. For pompano, have them come biting with their favorite live bait; sand fleas or various forms of cut bait. Cut bait, as well as live bait, such as sardines, shrimp, and mullets, will score anglers some snook.  Continue the age-old practice of reeling in jacks and blue runners as well!

A friendly reminder to dispose of used monofilament lines in the designated recycling containers as more holiday visitors gather on the pier.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center offers private Fishing Lessons for adults and children (ages 8 and up). One-hour lessons are offered daily; scheduled based on availability. Cost: $25/angler (with own gear); $35/angler with rental gear. Bait not included. Email reservations@marinelife.org to register. The full-service Pier House features a snack bar as well as a variety of fishing tackle, including rental poles and bait.

Randy Yent, Pier Coordinator

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