Jupiter Inlet Inshore: Feb. 2020

Ryan with a snook.

By Craig Korczynski Contributing Writer

February has arrived, cooler air will continue to migrate south causing windy conditions at times. Snook season re-opens, anglers this means target deeper holes, bridges, channels, and sea walls. The snook will be holding near the bottom and tight on structure. At high noon on sunny days, look for snook laying up on sand bars basking in the sun. The snook will strike live bait or D.O.A. C.A.L. 3” paddle tail in Arkansas glow.

Tom with a snook on fly.

The tarpon fishing in the back canals and bays offer great action with the fly rod and artificial lures. Keep an eye out for rolling fish on the surface and work the area thoroughly. Deeper passes hold bigger fish up to 60 pounds. Anglers using live baits will have plenty of action but artificial lures like a D.O.A. 3” shrimp and D.O.A. Bait Buster in pearl / green back provoke strikes from the silver king.

The ICW will be teaming with life as anglers can target jacks, snook, tarpon, drum, sheepshead, and pompano. Seawalls and docks are great areas for jacks and snook during the day and at night. Live shrimp, mullet and DOA C.A.L. 3” shad tail will produce many strikes. Top water Rapala skitter walk early morning and late in the afternoon provided explosive action for top water fanatics.

Janice with a fat snook.

The grass flats are a great spot for anglers to take the kids fishing. The flats will be full of ladyfish, jacks, pompano, bluefish, black drum, sheepshead, snapper, a few mackerel and trout. The best method to use on the flats is artificial jigs tipped with shrimp. For the kids and some adults, popping corks never fail with a live shrimp or a DOA 3” shrimp in glow color. When working the flats look for potholes and drop offs for areas to target. Always remember to use the wind and tide to your advantage. Look for signs and remember those manatees usually have a few surprise fish trailing behind.

Captain Craig Korczynski

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