Jupiter Inlet Report: May 2018

by Capt. Craig Korczysnki, Contributing Writer

“Happy Mother’s Day” to all you great moms out there. May produces fantastic fishing, especially for tarpon as they begin their journey south cruising along our beaches and feeding in deep channels and inlets. The tarpon cruising the beaches strike live baits, DOA Baitbusters and DOA C.A.L. 5.5 jerk baits in pearl. The size of the tarpon ranges from 20 to 100 pounds. Heavier tackle is a must and early risers will get their rod bent.

Dustin with a largemouth bass caught on a DOA 5 inch swimbait

Snook fishing heats up as female snook are on the move and start to stage for the upcoming spawn. These fish can be seen cruising near sea walls and docks. Live baits soaked on the bottom and DOA C.A.L. 4-inch jerk bait and DOA 5-inch swim bait on a 1/8-ounce jig head worked in their vicinity will get your drag screaming. Mullet schools will still be in our local area and this is the time for top water plug action. Heedon spooks worked over open flats and near heavy structure makes for some explosive action. If you have never experienced top water action for snook, I recommend you try; there is nothing like it. The snook will range in size from 5 to 20 pounds. Bridges and docks at night also present great action for fly anglers. It is not uncommon to tango with 40 to 60 snook a night. If casting a fly is not your choice, a live shrimp or small crank bait will entice many fish.

Trout action turns on, allowing anglers to feel the head shake of the beautiful yellow mouth. DOA 5-inch swim bait in glow and gold rush belly and DOA C.A.L. 4-inch jerk bait in Arkansas glow are great baits to use to get hooked up with a gator trout. Live baits work as well, but for the top water junkies, heedon spook jr also provide explosive action early morning and late evening.

Tommy with a juvenile black tip shark caught on a DOA CAL 4 inch jerk bait

It’s that time again, black drum on the prowl. These fish are no joke, ranging from 10 to 50 pounds. Black drum can be found near sea walls and sand flats searching for any crustacean in their path. The best baits for drum are the smelliest ones. Keep that in mind. DOA C.A.L. 3-inch shad in glow holographic on ¼ once jig head will work for the drum. DOA shrimp 3-inch in red gold glitter and the glow and gold rush belly are a great choice when sight fishing the drum.

Well that is the fishing forecast for May. I hope everybody enjoyed. Now get out there and experience the thrill of drag screaming action. Tight Lines! Capt. Craig Korczysnki, PhlatsInshoreFishing.com, 561-644-4371, visit us on Facebook and Instagram PhlatsInshoreFishing