Kaku Voodoo Paddleboard

Kaku’s Voodoo Child has Arrived. New for 2018, the Kaku Voodoo is the ultimate sight casting paddle craft. This Authentic Fishing Paddle Craft has a unique look and performance . Part Kayak, part paddle board, with some micro skiff qualities. The Kaku Voodoo is like a personal Deck Yak. Incredible Stability while maintaining good paddling efficiency . The performance of this paddle craft is lifted to an even higher level with the included Voodoo Chair unlike anything on the market today. The Voodoo chair has a beefy aluminum structure, perfect amount of cushion, and off-the-charts utility, giving the paddler a high and low seating postion, leaning chair, as well as a standing platform, without having to adjust anything. Mounted securely on 30 inch aluminum tracks allowing for trimming as necessary. Top all this off with great storage, and 5 Micro Powerpole mounts allowing for multiple or single Powerpoles while also offering motor mounting . Checkout the Voodoo’s higher-level capabilities today!

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