KAYAK FISHING 101: What is a Kayak?

Why would you want to fish from a kayak? That’s the first question I get from people who see me launch my yak for the first time at local boat ramps. I smile and respond, “I know my engine won’t fail.” In reality, it would take me all day to explain to someone why I love to go kayaking.

Kayaking is currently one of the fastest growing water sports. Kayaks can be seen on all types of water, from vast oceans to some of the smallest rivers and creeks. Depending on the make and model there only needs to be a few inches of water to have a great day kayaking.

Why do I kayak? When you’re navigating through fog covered water which is as smooth as a piece of polished black glass and the only sounds you hear are the distant hooting of an owl or the flapping wings of a blue heron, you’ll understand why. Being outdoors in near pristine conditions is not only therapeutic but it becomes spiritual. The calm silence and the gentle flow of water around you will make you forget all your worries. You’ll leave the stress of modern life behind and be transported to a time when things were so much simpler.

I can also defend the concept that using a kayak is better for the environment and doesn’t use fossil fuels but that would just start an argument about how a kayak is made in the first place. So I would just defer to my earlier statement of how therapeutic it is to be on the water. In most cases you’ll see nature in a way you have never experienced before. Unlike motorized boats, most animals seem to startle less when approached by a kayak which provides you the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. From the moment you launch you become part of the natural environment.

Due to the materials and designs of most modern kayaks they require only moderate physical strength and stamina to spend even a whole day on the water. Some kayaks are even designed to accommodate two paddlers. Comfort while paddling depends on how much you would like to spend and what kind of water you’ll be on. Some kayaks are sit in, some are sit on top, and yes some you just stand on. Seats can be molded and fixed or they can be adjustable and recline with lumbar support. There are many to choose from.

If you find that paddling a kayak does not interest you, there are models that peddle and steer with a rudder, and even models that have trolling motors. So with all the choices and price ranges the real question is why aren’t you kayaking?

So take the time, find yourself, and go yaking.

Rent or buy, but give it a try. You’ll find there are many manufacturers and models of kayaks to choose from. For assistance in selecting the right kayak for the experience you’re looking for, come visit us at Under Pressure Sports located at 5621 U.S. Hwy 27 N. Sebring, FL 33870 and we’ll get you on the water.