Kayak Fishing Forecast: Sept. 2019

Ian with a stud peacock bass.

By Brian Nelli,  Contributing Writer

INSHORE The flats and inlets are holding large amounts of glass minnows. Using lures that imitate these baits and you should find the bite. Fishing the inlets, surf, and bridges continue to be a great option.  Snook will be running the closest trough to the beach looking to pick off anything in the surf.  DOA Jerk Baits and Paddle Tails will work great.  Next option is to fish your local bridge at night. A well-lit bridge with a dominate shadow line is best. Work a bait of your choice in and out of the shadows and you should pick off a few.

Matt with his first sailfish.

 OFFSHORE: Kingfish will be in decent numbers with 10-15 pound fish the norm. Sailfish will be in the mix as well. Smaller goggle eyes and blue runners on a flat line will work to lure them in. September has been a good month for us in the past with catching wahoo. Try running baits deeper in the water column with a downrigger. Blackfin and skipjack tuna will come through in small schools. Look to target them with smaller vertical jigs and trolling feathers.

FRESHWATER: The peacock bass will start to move off their shallow spawning areas, back to deeper waters and structures this month. Look to pick off a few with jerk baits and live shiners. Clown knifefish will be in the mix with the moving peacocks.

Brian Nelli

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