Kayak Fishing in Costa Rica Gaining Popularity

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Forecast and Report November 2015

Kayak fishing is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world, but especially right here in beautiful Costa Rica where the weather conditions allow us to fish all year round. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or novice, fishing from a kayak is an experience that is impossible to forget. Kayak fishing in Costa Rica has a lot more to offer than just catching fish. You will have to paddle out to the fishing grounds, you will share the ocean with a variety of marine life and experience fishing in the same way ancient people did without engine noise and gasoline smell. Paddling out to your spot may be hard on its own, but when you hook a fish on a kayak, the real battle begins. Any fish over 8 to 10 pounds, will be able to drag you and the kayak through the water and put all your muscles to the test!

Kayak Fishing in Costa Rica
Hooking up a cubera on a kayak will definitely make for one wild fishing experience.

You can use many different techniques while kayak fishing like trolling, casting, jigging, bait fishing, fly fishing and more. Costa Rica’s fishery is abundant in biodiversity. There are over 50 different species that you could catch on a kayak. Our favorites are the heavy hitting roosterfish and cubera snappers! If you are lucky you can hook a sailfish from a kayak, but hold on! You are going to be in for a long battle with these acrobatic pelagic species. As we mentioned before kayak fishing can be a physically challenging adventure.

We are now headed into the dry season, which typically lasts from December to May. During this time of year, the swells are normally smaller which allows schools of sardines to get close to the beach. When these bait fish are closer to the beach it gives kayak fisherman a lot easier time getting to where the big fish are biting. We tend to use a lot of top water tackle during this time of year when the predator fish are more actively hunting.

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