Kayak Fishing: Nov. 2019

By Brian Nelli  Contributing Writer

Inshore: November will bring on the cooler weather and give the fish some relief from the heat. Snook, redfish, trout, bluefish and Spanish mackerel should be on your radar.  Kayak fishing the inlets, docks and seawalls will produce most of the inshore species. The bluefish and Spanish mackerel will prefer a fast presentation like ripping a spoon or jig across the upper water column. Snook and other mentioned species will be holding on the bridges and seawalls looking to pick off glass minnows and mullet.  Kayak fishing can be challenging in some of these high current areas, but using Hobie kayaks with pedal drives like the ones we provide makes the experience a breeze.

OFFshore: Northeast winds will start to push through this month making the surf something to think about for each trip. When you hit the beach to go on an offshore kayak fishing trip, take some time and watch the waves. Most of the time you can see there is a pattern of a few big sets and a calm period. Time it right and you will stay dry. Look to target mahi, kings and sails in the 80-120’ area trolling goggle eyes, blue runners or your favorite trolling plug. Don’t forget about the bottom fishing as well. Muttons and yellowtails will be lurking in the 60-100’ reef patches. Frozen sardines and live mullet will work best.

Brian Nelli




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