Kayak Fishing Techniques Trolling

Kayak Fishing Techniques Trolling

When fishing a kayak, especially in the ocean, there are a lot of different techniques to catch a large variety of fish. Trolling, casting, jigging and bait fishing are the best way to hook up some action.

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Trolling is the perfect technique for beginners and experienced kayak fishermen. For people with no experience, it is the best way to learn about ocean kayak fishing. It will get your arms in shape for when the big fish come. Not a lot of equipment is needed for trolling, one or two rods is enough. Depending on where we are fishing, we use different lures diving between 3 and 30 feet deep. We recommend Rapala XRaps, Bomber and Yo-Zuri lures. Fishing rods should be 6 to 7 feet, medium heavy action with braided or mono line 15 to 50-pound. Stronger line is going to affect the lures action, use a 3 foot 60 to 80-pound fluorocarbon leader to avoid line cuts with barracudas, mackerel and needlefish.

Trolling speed in the kayak is very natural and produces no artificial noise in the water making the lures very attractive for fish. Lures should be around 40 meters behind the kayak. If they go very long, waves will tangle the lures and inhibit the action. Trolling is a great way to catch mackerel, barracudas, Jacks, needlefish, tuna and snappers in rocky areas. It is very important to troll in one direction for around 300 or 500 meters and then slowly turn. Trolling in circles is not efficient, even when bait balls are around. Beginners should start trolling far away from the surf break and always have your fishing rods tied to the kayak, a monster bite will come when you least expect.

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