KAYAK REPORT By Benton Parrott

The cold temperatures and tons of fresh water
are still around but hopefully that will be
improving soon! Finding fish are a little harder
with these conditions but they are still out there
if you know where to look. I have been going
deep to find some saltwater and some fish. My
best fish are coming from deep dead end canals
that have little to no water movement. Soft
plastics like the Saltwater Assassin sea shad and
MirrOlure softdines have been the money baits.
I fish the sea shads on a 1/8oz. pro-elite jig head
and let them fall slowly to the bottom. A slow
retrieve with small twitches should get a bite.
Same things when fishing softdines
or fatboys the key is to keep tension
so you can feel a strike but maintain a
slow steady pace. As always when we
get a few sunny days in a row don’t pass
up shallow flats near deep water that
the fish will come to feed. The shallow
water of the flats will heat up first and
get the fish that little extra boost to eat.
Soft plastics flutter bounced, top waters,
and twitch baits all produce reds and
trout on these sunny mornings. As
always we have a running tab on what’s
going on in the kayak community at
our Facebook page Kayak Fishing U.
Always dress for the water temperature
and not the air. One wrong move could spell
disaster if you aren’t prepared. Remember while
fishing from a kayak to always think safety. We
are low to the water and not always easily seen.
Keep a 360 degree light on at dark and low light
conditions, wear a PFD, keep hydrated, and let
someone know your float plan.
Benton Parrott
Hobie Regional Team /
Fairhope Boat Co.
Pro Staff Fishing Guide