Kayak and SUP Fishing Accessories

Kayak and SUP fishing accessories these days are unbelievable to the angler who once set out with a paddle, an anchor, a rod and a milk crate.

Now there’s the option to attach pretty much anything you want to the boat, whether it be electronics or rod-holder bars for trolling. Go too far with accessorizing and it leads to a cluttered boat that’s hard to fish from. There are a few accessories, however, that one might personally consider essential.

Let’s start with mounting systems. These allow you to customize and mount all those other accessories, which goes a long way toward combating clutter. Rod holders, cameras, GPS, cupholders, there’s a design to hold pretty much anything you want. If you choose to mount a depthfinder, go with a small screen, though. Giant electronics are great in a big boat, not so much in the cockpit of a kayak.

An anchor trolley is another grand advancement from the days of cinching off an anchor to the carrying strap. This device makes raising and lowering the anchor a breeze. It also keeps it out of the way and helps position the boat for better fishing. There may be no more cost-effective way to cut down on hassle and enhance enjoyment on the water.

On the subject of cost-effectiveness, there are plenty of products out there to carry and store gear. They’re cool, but those who are budget minded might still opt for the milk crate. It will hold your stuff and it drains as well as anything out there.

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