Kayaking Fishing Forecast: July 2013

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ummer is here, time to get out to fish early and late in the day to beat the heat. Fishing the flats at these times has resulted in some good trout and red fish lately. My best results for trout have come from fishing Sebile Stick Shadds and MirrOLure Top Dog Jr.’s. The fish have been more aggressive and I am speeding up my retrieval. With the reds I am going with Bass Assassin Saltwater Shads on a 1/8-ounce pro-elite jig head or Aqua Dream spoons. I am fishing these baits slowly up near the grass lines, where the reds tend to troll looking for a quick meal.

In the midday heat, go to soft plastics and fish deeper drop offs were the fish go to hide and cool off. I fish the Bass Assassin Saltwater Shads on a quarter-ounce pro elite jig head and match the color to the bait I see around. I will work my plastics according to the bait. If there are shrimp jumping, I will do short flutter bounces letting the bait drop. If it is small bait fish, I use a fast flutter retrieve. Go with more natural colors in clear water.

Not to miss in July: The Casting for Kids Tournament is in Leeville, La., at Bobby Lynn’s Marina July 13. This is a fun charity tournament with lots of prizes and places to fish in La. The Dauphin Island Rodeo is July 19 and 20. A no-motor division has been added this year, with 3 great kayaks up for grabs. The Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club LA 1 Slamboree is July 27 out of Bobby Lynn’s Marina in Leeville, La. We keep a running tab on what’s happening in the kayak community on our Facebook page, Kayak Fishing U.

With these longer days out in the sun, take care of yourself. Wear protective clothing, a buff and sunscreen when out fishing. I use Beyond Coastal sunscreen SPF 30 and put it on before I leave for the day and reapply with a face stick throughout. It makes a huge difference in how I feel at the end of a day and how long I can stay out and fish. Remember: while fishing from a kayak, always think safety. We are low to the water and not always easily seen. Keep a 360-degree light on at dark and low-light conditions, wear a PFD, keep hydrated and let someone know your float plan.