Keys Spearfishing

Hunting Lobster & Grouper

By Robert Trosser

August and September are my favorite months of the year. The water is warm and it is usually too hot to be on land. So I choose to spend my day hunting lobster and grouper in the ocean. With the clear water and calm days we have had this summer it is a prime time to explore and find your next favorite fishing or diving spot.

So far lobster season is looking great. Finz has been able to capture close to the legal limit, with our clients, every trip. The average size of the lobster seem to be bigger than normal and most of my spots on the gulf side continue to produce good numbers every week.

When we limit out on lobster for the day we turn our attention to other things. Lately large black and red grouper seem to be all over the deeper side of the reef. The cooler water is staying deep and the grouper tend to stay in the coolest pockets. When hunting grouper I suggest staying high in the water column and dive bombing them from the top. They usually have no idea it’s coming.

Finz was fortunate enough to capture a beautiful Yellowfin grouper last month. They are one of the best looking grouper, in my opinion, and put up a tough fight. We don’t normally find them in the keys so I was very excited to capture one and cross it off my bucket list.

Stay safe out there and make sure to post your pictures to our Facebook page.

Robert Trosset
FINZ Dive Center
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