Keys Spearfishing – Dec 2017

By Robert Trosset

As we approach the close of grouper season, more commonly known as New Year’s Eve, I have to marvel about some of the spectacular dives we’ve done this year. In the two months since we faced Irma’s wrath I have watched the visibility improve every day. Great conditions this past month have encouraged us to get out and shoot some nice fish.

The morning of our first spearing trip since the big storm was picture perfect. It had been a few weeks and the crew was itching to get out there to test out the new line of Koah guns we had just received. Calm water beckoned us as we left the dock.

At our first spot the current was moving at a good pace so I knew we had to drop like an anchor. The water was crystal clear and I had a feeling there would be something big on the bottom. As we got close to the wreck, we were aiming for, I could feel the current was just as strong at the bottom. Bam! My dive buddy shot a snapper.

I saw a couple lion fish and decided to go after them. I had my head upside down in the wreck when I heard her shoot again. When I turned around all I could see was a huge cloud of sand and a struggling fish.

Realizing I couldn’t overpower the current I had to wait for the fight to finish and them to drift toward me. As they got closer I realized my dive buddy was so excited because it was her first black grouper! Elated with her success we continued our dive. We kept swimming down the reef and encountered moray eels, a huge school of blue runners and we even saw a turtle. Our picture perfect day ended with a memorable photo opportunity, so we snapped some shots and headed home.

We utilized the Koah euro 100 and a 58” Koah fat back as our spearguns of choice that day. Both guns proved accurate and powerful right out of the box. The beauty and attention to detail is eye catching and prove to be workhorses in the water.

Spearing a nice fish is one of the best parts of working in the dive industry. Helping my dive buddy capture her first black grouper was an amazing feeling and more rewarding than shooting one on my own. We are truly back in business and loving it.

Robert Trosset
FINZ Dive Center
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