Kids are the Future

with Cassie Riner

Kids are the future

Fishing is one of the most passed time sports passed down from generation to generation. Hook Spit has gone above and beyond this last year getting the Hook Spit Junior Angler Association organized and taking off. “The Hook Spit Junior Angler Association, is leading the way to developed High School Fishing Clubs on The Gulf Coast for clubs to compete in Saltwater Tournaments for scholarships.” In the past all you have seen is School Fish Organizations that have been formed were aimed for Freshwater Tournaments for Bass and living so close to the Galveston Bay there was a need for Saltwater Tournaments for the younger anglers.

Camp Hook SpitThe goal of the Hook Spit Junior Angler Association is to educate the anglers how to know the water, safety, rules & regulations and fishing knowledge for day to day use. “Also, the HSJAA is aimed at getting students and keeping the great outdoors by promoting the formation of fishing clubs and outdoor activities within the school. HSJAA’s objective is to promote the creation of competitive fishing in club tournaments and events between neighboring schools for Saltwater Species.” The membership dues are $25 per student, and for that each club member, the club itself and any volunteer who participates in a club event are covered by liability insurance through the Student Angler Federation. Membership fees include a workbook, a one year subscription to FLW Outdoors Electronic Magazine, and the opportunity to qualify and an HSJAA T-Shirt and Membership Card that can be used for discounts at Hook Spit Fishing Gear.

This summer Hook Spit Junior Angler Association is holding a Student Angler Saltwater Fishing Camp. Top fishing guides and tournament pros are volunteering their time to help put on the camp. So, don’t miss out! Camp is scheduled to be held at Topwater Grill in San Leon, Texas June 12-16, 2017. Last day of camp a tournament between the students will be held for cash and prizes. And for the Corpus Christi area Hook Spit is in the works on having a camp down south. So, details are to come soon!

The knowledge being passed onto the students during this camp will give the student angler the confidence and knowledge to become a better angler, as well as, safety and precausions to be aware of while being on the water. Having the knowledge of the water ways, surroundings, winds, currents and understanding how weather plays in fact in making important decisions which could prevent anyone being hurt when mother nature or boat problems may occur. Several more topics to be discussed during the camp is “reel maintenance and spooling, boat boating etiquette, casting and lure retrieval techniques, depth and fish finder electronics, line and lure tying/knots and many more topics.” For more information regarding the Hook Spit Junior Angler Association and Summer Camp at WWW.HSJAA.COM

Good Luck Hunting Them Trophy’s and Safe Adventures,
Cassie Riner, Pro Angler