KONA —The Anglers Paradise

kona_aprBy I.G.F.A. Captain Chuck Wilson

Where in the world can you catch Blue Marlin over 1,000…yes one thousand pounds in January and February? That is exactly why Kona is the Anglers Paradise.  Recent catches include a Marlin weighing 1,040 pounds in January, and, at the beginning of February, an 886-pounder was just weighed.  FIRE HATT Sportfishing recorded one at 524 pounds as well.  We are currently in the peak of the Short Billed Spear Fish season during March and April.  As many seasoned anglers know, the Short Billed Spearfish is one of the hardest to catch in the world, unless you come to Kona, where they are fairly abundant right now.  We had a double on Spearfish on January 30th—so that is an excellent sign for the coming months.

In March, we expect great catches of Spearfish, Mahi and the largest Blue Marlin.  FIRE HATT Sportfishing had their 978.5 pound Blue Marlin on March 28th, 2011. We can hardly wait for this year’s chance.  Another Bill Fish, the Striped Marlin, is showing up in big numbers and it is not uncommon to have multiple fish hit at one time.  I mean four or five Marlin at once, and that makes the deck a really busy place for a few minutes.
Ocean water temperatures will begin a gradual warming with about a degree a month warmer as in a typical year.

Bait fishing will also improve and the offshore FAD’S (Fish Aggravating Device also known as Fish Attracting Device) will start collecting bait and their predators’ which is great news for anglers.  When you a book a Charter boat in Kona, most of the Captains will have fresh information on what happened and where over the past few days.

Our peak Blue Marlin Tournament season is just around the corner, so if you plan to fish a tournament, NOW is the time to book it if you want a particular boat before the good boats are gone.  Even though the economy has been in the tank, there is improving interest in sport fishing on all the Islands and many top boats are booking for the summer now.

If you want more specific information or if we can help you in any way, either with FIRE HATT Sportfishing or with a recommendation on another boat, do not hesitate to contact us at:  FIRE HATT Sportfishing, firehattsportfishing.com, or call 808.987.0038

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