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It’s no surprise that the average American woman spends two times that of what a man spends per year on clothing and apparel. A recent survey found that women spend $125,000 within their lifetime on clothing! Lady Angler News recently caught up with Sporty Girl Apparel’s creator and owner Kim Grant, partner Kristy Grant, and model Jenny Grant at their boutique in South Florida (Jupiter) to get a pulse on this ever-changing industry. We originally met with Sporty Girl four years ago, at the Grand Opening of their store, and according to Kim, “A lot has changed since then. The demand in the marketplace has grown, the industry has become more competitive and companies are expanding their lines to offer more choice in styles, fabric, designs, and products for ladies.” Sporty Girl has grown from a 600 square foot boutique, adding a warehouse and more office space, and is now in 14 Gander Mountain stores across Florida and Texas. In addition to the fabulous artistic-fish-inspired dresses, tanks, and shirts they are known for, Sporty Girl has added to their hunting “County Girl” line, added a plus size collection, and has applied their popular designs to accessories, jewelry, bedding, and even pet collars—just to name a few. These days, it seems ladies want to show the world they love to hunt and fish in their every-day clothes and accessories. What’s on the horizon for the industry and Sporty Girl? According to partner Kristy, “Internet growth for us has been explosive, so we believe this trend will continue. Between social media, pinterest, and our e-commerce website, more and more people are seeing our brand and shopping online.” When I asked creator and owner Kim what she has planned for the future, she looked up and humbly shrugged, “We just go with the flow.” Spoken like a true artist. Clearly, this seems to be working for Sporty Girl.

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