Lake Burton

by Wes Carlton

Water temperature: 80 degrees, lake level: full pool, clarity: clear.

Bass: Bass are still on a summer pattern. Most of the spotted bass are deep on main lake points and ledges. They are hiding in brush piles and rock outcroppings. Drop shotting these bigger fish with Robo Worms has been the most effective technique lately. Look for these fish on a 25 to 38 foot bottom. We have been seeing some small schools schooling on top early morning to mid-morning. Keep a topwater plug handy for throwing at these fish. We have caught some monster spots doing this the last couple of trips. This bite should continue for the next few weeks.

Trout: The brown trout bite has been a pre-daylight to early morning bite the last few days. Try split shotting crappie minnows over the main lake channel. Being able to locate the trout suspended is the key to catching trout this time of year. Pay close attention to your electronics for fish moving through the water column in the 30 to 40 foot depths. Most of these are brown trout. We have had some success trolling Little Cleo’s setting the downriggers at about 22 feet deep. We have been maintaining a speed of 2.5mph with lots of S turns when trolling. This bite should continue for the next few weeks. Look for the trout to start feeding more mid-day. Good luck!