Lake Burton

by Wes Carlton 

Water temperature: 69 degrees, lake level: full, clarity: clear.

        Bass: The fall bass bite has begun! These fish are feeding shallow in the mornings and are in the backs of the creeks. Try using a topwater plug (Sammy, herring color). We have had good success working this bait fast. Underspins have been productive mid-morning to mid-day. We have been working the Super Spin tipped with an Arkansas Shiner color Fluke. Try casting in the 14 to 20 foot of water depths. This pattern should continue for the next few weeks.

Trout: The adult brown trout are schooling up for their spawning migration. We have trolled through several big schools the last few days on the southern portions of Lake Burton. These fish seem to be very healthy and full of herring. Trolling small Crocodile Spoons has been the trick lately. We also had some success with #7 Ugly Duckling baits. Try maintaining a speed of 2.5 to 3mph when trolling for the trout. We have been trolling these baits on top without a down rigger. Be sure to make several turns when trolling as changing the frequency and action of the bait seems to trigger the bite.

Walleye: The walleye are still 20 to 30 feet deep. Trolling live herring has been the most effective way to catch these fish the last couple of weeks. We have been weighting the lines down with a ½ ounce split shot. This gets the baits down in the 12 to 18 foot mark. Trolling the herring at 1.8 mph seems to be the ticket. Look for submerged humps and hilltops on the GPS fish finder as the walleye seem to be congregated near these spots. This pattern should continue over the next couple of weeks. The walleye will start feeding better and shallower as the lakes cool towards the low 60 degree mark.

Good Luck!