Lake Eufaula

by Capt Sam Williams

Water temperature: mid 80’s, lake level: 188.73 msl, clarity: slight stain.

Early morning and late afternoon are best times to fish, due to the heat. Keep plenty of water to keep hydrated. Bass are still holding near and under pad cover. Baitfish are plentiful, and bass need to be finessed to bite. Frogs, spinners and poppers work well. Plastics along the edges of this cover are catching fish as well. Patience is the key to putting fish in the live well.
We need to be enjoying the smaller bass on the table. We must work on lowering the population for a while so the fish can grow larger. Please look into the Swab-a-hog program and help us gain the data we need to begin stocking the Florida strain in our river, as it is working in other Alabama lakes. It will help our fishery as well as the local economy.

Bluegill are doing well on crickets. You can work the edges of cover and shorelines and get all you want to clean. Crappie are holding on deep cover. Jigs and minnows are getting a good mess for the table. Catfish are hitting big worms and cut bait. Jug fishing is always a lot of fun for faster action to keep youngsters excited and busy.

Visit Alabama Children’s Classic website and help us with the opportunities with the Power Pole and Henry Rifle give away.

Be safe on the water and be aware of the afternoon storms as lightning is very dangerous.

God bless and good fishing.