Lake Hartwell Fishing Forecast for April

By Preston Harden

Water Temp.-60 degrees Water Level-1 ft. Below full pool.

April means spawning fish. Bass, crappie, hybrids, and stripers have spawning on their minds. All of these fish release their eggs in shallow water. Bass make beds and hang around for days; most are caught by provoking a reaction strike to lure them from their beds. Not all bass spawn at the same time. Some spawn in March and some spawn in May but April is Primetime. Largemouth bass spawn in very shallow water and spots spawn deep, approximately 3 to 4 feet deep.

Crappie attach their eggs to wood and rock structure. They are very shallow now and can be caught with a small jig under a float, worked around shallow structure.
Hybrids and stripers try to spawn in April. Even though hybrids are sterile and stripers don’t spawn successfully, they still release eggs. Lots of hybrid and stripers run up the Tugaloo and Keowee Rivers. Lots of them release their eggs down-lake in shallow water.

All these game fish will eat. They are easy to target in shallow water. So stay shallow where the gang will be.

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