Lake Hartwell Fishing Forecast November 2020

By Preston Harden

Water Temp. – 73 – Water Level – full pool

November is a transition month on Lake Hartwell. Understanding the transition and migration is the key to success. Turnover occurs in November. The surface water sinks and the deep water rises. The water turns brown and sometimes gets a foam on top. It is worse after a cold front. It gets better after a few mild days. It starts in the creeks and the upper lake. It progresses down the lake to deeper water. The oxygen gets low as the water turns. Fish run from turning water. By late November, game fish will migrate up the lake and into the creeks. I look for green water and try to avoid brown water. This migration includes bass, stripers, hybrids, crappie, and catfish. November can be a tough month but understanding the conditions and the migration can increase your odds of catching fish.

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