Lake Hartwell Fishing Forecast November 2021

By Preston Harden

Water Level: 3 feet above full pool. Water Temp:-Upper 70s

November can be a tough month to fish. Understanding the fall turnover will help you find active fish. Fish migrate looking for better water quality. When the lake turns over, the surface water sinks and the deep water rises and if you know what to look for, it’s easy to tell when the water is turning. It gets a dark color and may also get foamy, and smell like rotting leaves. Fish don’t like turning water, as the oxygen is depleted. They are looking for green water that has already turned, or has not yet turned.

The turnover starts up-lake and in the creeks and these same shallow areas complete turnover first. This is where the fish migrate to. Turnover gets worse after a cold snap and subsides after a few stable weather days. Look for green water and try to not fish after a cold snap. By late November, the turnover is usually complete. The water turns a pretty green. The sea gulls arrive and lead you to the fish. The game fish then go on a feed, getting ready for winter.

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