Lake Martin

Capt David Hare

Lake Martin is clear to very clear and surface temps some days reaching 90 degrees with nighttime surface temps staying as high as 88 degrees.
Our July striper trips have really produced some nice stringers of fish with some trophies weighing in as much as 30 pounds caught on July 10th.
In August, we will continue fishing deep, cooler water while searching for schools of baitfish and then finding the schools of stripers. Don’t expect these schools of fish to stay under your boat for long. Be prepared to move with them if you want to have a successful trip.
If you are into the numbers game instead of the quality of fish you catch, then you may want to consider trolling your spoons with downriggers early morning. Most productive time would most likely be 4:30am until about 7:30 or 8:00am, then it’s about time to head to the A/C.
Catfishing and bream fishing will be good in your favorite spots. Catfish will be in the sunny spots and the bream, thank goodness, you can catch in shady spots. You’ll see the bass fishers still beating the docks at night around the lights.
Until next time, catch one for me!

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