Lake Profile: Lake Damon


Lake Damon is one of the many smaller lakes in the northern end of Highlands County. It is situated just east of US Highway 27 in northern Avon Park. The lake has an area of 282 acres with a maximum depth of 15-ft. The lake has one concrete launch pad on the lake’s western edge but the dirt parking is limited and positioned along a declining slope towards the lake. Being one of the smaller lakes, fishing pressure is generally light but by no means is this representative of the quality of fishing available on the lake.

For the most part, the perimeter of this bowl shaped lake is thinly populated. The vast majority of homes are situated on the north side of the lake which ends at the River Greens Golf Course. The shoreline is a mixture of grasses and cattails with patches of lilies and hyacinths. Along the south shore and depending on water levels, there is a series of small trails that are great for kayak fishermen. Towards the lakeside of these trails the emergent vegetation gives way to patches of submergent grasses such as eel grass which hold various panfish as well as largemouth bass. On the north end of the lake, the shoreline gives way to an area of mixed vegetation which extends a fair amount of distance into the lake. Here too you’ll find plenty of panfish and bass.

This lakes offers an angler many different types of presentations to fish including top water baits, swim baits, crank baits, and soft plastics such as worms and creature baits. There are limited amounts of cattails and those that are out there are somewhat open so though pitching and flipping opportunities do exist, it probably won’t be your go-to style. The water in the lake is generally clear and not stained with tannic colors so selecting the proper color bait is important on this lake. Those wanting to fish structures such as docks and culverts will find a limited number of docks but they are long and harbor some nice size fish. Those wanting to locate drop-offs and-or ledges will need to rely on their electronics for there are no bathometric maps of this lake.

All-in-all, Lake Damon is a favorite lake for many local fishermen offering a wide array of vegetation, some nice trophy bass and little fishing pressure.